November 23, 2017 | 12:43 pm

The Aftermath Of Dumsor, Some Businessmen Speak

Source: Enoch Sakyi (Abro Radio)

dumsorDUMSOR didn’t really affect us- Devine Otu

According to Devine Otu, a worker at Blessed Furniture Supplies which is located at Dome, the recently ended power crisis did not have an effect on their job.

The power crisis in Ghana caused harm to a lot workers as most of them were forced to quit their jobs due to low productivity. Most workers who suffered redundancy were those whose work depends most on electricity.

Speaking to Abro news, Devine Otu said, he was never scared of going out of business during the “dumsor” era because furniture are not sold with electricity.

Asked why he decided to do furniture business and not any other business, Devine said “we chose furniture because we want to serve the people. Moreover, there are a few people who do this kind of business that makes us very important to the society”.

He added that, doing furniture business has really taught him important things in life that he did not have to pay for before learning them.

He said “ doing this job has taught me a lot. Now I can fix furniture for offices at high cost and that has brought me a lot of income.” He ended that, he has no regret of doing furniture business and even looks forward to more success in the business.

Blessed Supplies were the sponsers of the 2012 edition of GTV’s Miss Excel Plus reality pageant.



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